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Social Media Marketing & Promotions
Weekly & Monthly Rates Available
We create and share your promos in social media.
Includes 2 teasers.
Weekly & Monthly Rates Available
Starting at $125.00 a month.
Facebook Post Sharing
Starting out $65.00 a month.
   We share promo post created by you from your page.

7-day Social Media Blitz Campaign
All campaigns will be customized
to fit your individual needs.

Book Launch Package
Starting at only $300.00
Pre-release one-week promo using lines ** that we pull from your book.
Release week promo with teasers and early review snippets that we pull from your reviews.
Post release one-week promo on social media with teasers.
Pre-made post for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for you to copy & paste to your pages.

Editing, Beta & Proofreading
We are pleased to offer full-service editing. Our editing will include all the essential stages needed prior to publishing your novel and beyond. Developmental and line edits as well as the final proofread are included in our exclusive package. Our staff editors and beta readers have over 20 years combined experience and will work with authors of all genres. A 1,500-word sample edit is provided free of charge to interested clients.


Formatting – print and ebook

  Other Services
à la carte or add to any monthly package.


Book Cover Design

Promo Teaser​s

Book/Series Bibles

Facebook Author Page/Street Team Management
​Facebook Timeline Banner
​Facebook Event Set-up w/Banner
​Facebook Teaser
Facebook Ads
Twitter Header
Online or Print Magazine Ads
​1/4 page 
1/2 page 

Newsletter Production
Blog Production

Facebook Events
Your initial consultation is always at no cost to you.

We offer a full line of swag and promotional items.

​Contact us to create a marketing plan, designed just for you.

Thanks! Message sent.

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