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This Week in Great Reads!

We have a lot of great books for you this week. New releases, freebies, and awesome sales. Be sure to check them all out.

Beach Ready Reads! Just in time for your Summer TBR List.

Two delightful romances from Melissa Klein, both are on sale now for only $1.99 ea. This is a limited time offer so one-click today!

Someone She Once Knew Will he stay long enough for her to discover the secret that caused him to leave twelve years ago, or will he once again disappear without a word of goodbye? – also available in #KU.

Stop That Wedding With old family secrets exposed, Diana and Andrew must decide if their love is strong enough to withstand divided loyalties, crazy relatives, and unexpected truths.


She was rather pleased with her austere appearance but not with her flushed cheeks and the way her mind seemed to tell her “Take it easy,” but her heart responded with “Go for it, girl.” Never With A Rich Man by Bestselling Author Tina Susedik. Available NOW on Kindle Unlimited *


Do you love clean romance? If so, don’t miss the Chandler County Series books from USAT Bestselling Author Stephany Tullis! You can find them all here: Missing Pieces Can she trust him? Can he trust her? Can they together find the missing pieces? Missing Home A 21st century battle between good and evil. Missing the Moment Shelly's Revenge is the name of the Game


The secrets hidden within his computer, if everything went according to plan, would change America forever, thus upending life as they knew it. Will Isabella and her team discover the plot before it’s too late? Find out in the pulse-pounding thrill a minute #thriller! Countdown America by M.C. Fox. *


I guess I’m never going to outrun who I am: Emma Graves, the girl who likes digging in the dirt and prefers being surrounded by the dead more than the living.The one who came back when no one else did.

WHEN YOU COME BACK by Debra Webb A NOT to be missed thriller! AVAILABLE NOW! #Mystery #CrimeFic #Suspense *


She wanted to be a star—until he crushed her dreams in front of millions.

Summer Serenade by Melissa McClone * #BrandNewRelease It's free to read if you have Kindle Unlimited.

When Ivy Quinn’s father dies, her dream of moving to Nashville gets put on hold, but she isn’t giving up on a music career. At least not until country superstar Nash Bennett delivers a devastating critique of her audition…on national television. Returning home to her supportive family and a stable job makes the most sense. Who needs a life in the spotlight, anyway?

Lately, stardom hasn’t been easy for Nash. Being labeled a “bad boy” by the press and getting hurt on tour has earned him a one-way ticket to Idaho where he can heal while a PR team repairs his damaged reputation. But when he hears Ivy sing, Nash forgets about lying low. He asks her out only to be rejected—hard—when Ivy tells him to leave her alone.

One impromptu duet, however, is all it takes to forge a connection between them. Nash wants to win her over. But Ivy won’t give in to her feelings, fearing her rekindled dreams of a music career—and Nash—could destroy her. She has no idea what he’s willing to risk for love…and for her.


A determined bounty hunter meets an unsuspecting beauty at the mercy of a ruthless

crime family. LINCOLN: The Bounty Hunters #2 by USA Today Best Selling Author, PJ Fiala


It was time Jewel Daniels made her own destiny. Ruby's Texas Ranger (Belles & Boots Book 2) by Louise Crouch Don’t miss this exciting NEW Historical Western Romantic Suspense!


Broken Sand Dollar (The Sand Dollar Series Book 3) by J D Boudreaux #ChristianRomance It's all about the love you give... * Read FREE with KU! Now, while nursing his wounds after all the disappointment, Alex returns to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The place that’s always had a piece of his heart. It’s there that he realizes it’s up to him to find his own way. Can he be still long enough to realize that what’s happened before is not the end… but the beginning?


All she wants is one night...

One Forbidden Night by Sherri Hayes

Justin has had a crush on his best friend’s little sister, Kim, since high school. When she shows up on his doorstep, offering herself to him for one night, will he be able to say no? Or will he give in to one forbidden night with the woman who has haunted his dreams for years.


Craig McIntyre, ex-military and ex bodyguard, has a powerful and uncontrollable affliction: his mere presence can transform people’s darkest thoughts into action. TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN BUSINESS & DARKEST THOUGHTS by Gordon Brown Don't miss The Craig McIntyre Series. Grab your copy today!!! #Thriller #Suspense #Intrigue


Don't miss this gripping and exciting series by best-selling author Stacy Green! The Lies We Bury A serial predator, buried secrets and a shattered life. The Night He Died A body dump in one of New Orleans's most mysterious cemeteries sends Cage on the most personal—and chilling—case of his life. *


P.I. Georgia Davis takes you on a suspenseful ride to find the truth of a sudden murder of the star speaker at a well attended conference called Resistance USA. Georgia is a woman in the middle of her own personal crises, who yet picks up the ball and begins tracing all the evidence to solve this high crime in Chicago. If you haven't yet, I highly recommend giving "High Crimes" a read. Read Today:\


She cannot give him what he wants… He’ll do anything to get her back…

North by Northeast: The MacGrough Clan Book 3 by Cherime MacFarlane Find your copy here: #suspense #action #thriller

An inept investigator, an obsessed fan, and three friends all come together in a tight tale of a race up British Columbia’s Pacific Coast as a husband tries to save the only thing he ever wanted, his wife.


Once outside, I turned and strode down the street toward Rocky's. That picture. That riverboat captain. He had to have something to do with this.

Can Shannon unravel the latest mystery to strike Petrie’s Corner before it’s too late to stop the Mayor’s plans to relocate the town’s dearly departed?

Check out A Guarded Decree by Sherrie Lea Morgan , book 5 in the immensely popular Lost Trinkets Series.


Our lives had always been entwined as if they were one. Even the years that he was gone, I always felt connected to him. We had come full circle. Look for Emily Garrison by Teresa McRae - coming July 1st. Available now for pre-order! #Historical #Fiction #CivilWarEra #Romance


For your reading enjoyment...

Be sure to check out all the thrilling new releases from out friends over at DOWN & OUT BOOKS.


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