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Steals, Deals and New Releases

Poised Pen Productions Summer Reads

I've found some great deals and wonderful new releases...just in time to fill your beach bag or eReader for your summertime reading pleasure!

New this week SWEET FATALITIES by Sherrie Lea Morgan

The kitchen has always been Hannah’s happy place, but as she prepares to compete for prize money any aspiring baker would drool over, she notices something weird. Weird even for a culinary student who still talks to the ghost of her dead roommate. As competitors are eliminated through illness and mysterious deaths, the contestant list is starting to look like a hit list—and she’s on it. It figures the only cop she can trust is the one who investigated her roommate’s death. An ill-mannered detective with an overly suspicious mind. Neil Garrett is haunted by a meddlesome ghost that inhabits his new/old fixer-upper, and by the memory Hannah’s hot curves, fiery curls, and equally fiery temper. No one knows better than he what it costs her to ask for his help, and this time he won’t let her down. She’s the only woman he’s ever wanted for his own...she could also be the next target of a madman with a taste for murder. You can find it here:

Don't miss GHOSTDRUMS (The Heroes Of Coweta County Book 1) it's on sale for only 99¢! They are both great reads that I know you'll enjoy. Grab your copy here:


ROLLING THUNDER Books 1-3 by PJ Fiala

Separately they had dreams; Together they made them come true.

Love family sagas? Steamy Love Stories? Friendships that stand the test of time? This series has all of that and so much more. Follow the Sheppards as they find love, over-come obstacles and learn what life is like when you find your one true soul mate.

Three complete novels on sale for only 99¢ through July 15th! You're going to fall in love with the Sheppards.

Grab your copy while the sale last:


Missing The Moment by Stephany Tullis

Stephany's third book in the Chandler County series just released today. It a fun, fast read and you will love it!

Shelly's Revenge is the name of the Game!

Shelly Stavins is divorced, bitter and vindictive. One bright sunny Friday morning, her attorney husband of ten years pecks her on the cheek, pats her son on the head and leaves for his office. Or so she thinks. Before noon, she answers her door to a smug, navy suit, red tie wearing process server who hands over her official divorce papers. The promised settlement is one no woman in her right mind could refuse. Why fight? Why bother?

Tired of all the speculation and gossip of the husbands' wives' club and bored with a life that no longer resembles the fantasy life style she had grown accustomed to, Shelly opts to move on. Settling in for the long haul, she invests the profit from the sale of her house into a local business and newly built property on the outskirts of Chandlerville, Kentucky.

Running a quaint but charming book store and being a full time single mother does little to soften her heart. But a softened heart is not her goal because 'Shelly's Revenge' is the name of the game.

Player #1: Handsome bestselling author Justin Raye, Chandlerville's author in residence for the summer. Should she consider her childhood heart throb's 'marriage for the kids sake' proposal?

Player #2: Local cop, Carlos Nunes, Chandlerville's hero, the Mayor's best friend and Shelly's obnoxious unofficial body guard. Shelly detests him and his white knight in shining armor come on or does she?

Player #3: A woman with a broken heart.

Winner takes all.

Get yours today for only $2.99:
Queen's Island by Vaviera Snow

At thirty-four, Claire Townsend found herself fatigued, fifteen pounds overweight, and in need of medical help. When Doctor Marie Petit prescribes a month-long stay at an exclusive spa on a remote island off the French Riviera, Claire believes she's being sent for some rest and physical rehabilitation, but when she arrives, the 'spa' is not at all what she expected, and neither is her assigned therapist, Cade Malone.

The handsome Aussie is both annoying and alluring by turns, confusing Claire and driving her mad as he invades her personal space, and then withdraws. Things become more muddled as the spa’s sexy head masseuse and the athletic activities director both make plays for her. Despite all the unexpected male attention, it’s Cade’s kisses she desires, his touch she craves against her better judgement after a sexy encounter in the warm sea that later leads to a sharp rejection. Her pride stung, Claire decides to cut her time short on Queen’s Island. But fate, and the weather, have other plans.

When a new patient arrives Claire’s prescribed spa vacation turns dangerous fast. Trapped on the exclusive island resort in a gathering storm, lives are threatened as secrets are revealed. Can Cade keep her safe or will Claire become a pawn in the deadly game played by a loan shark who never bets on anything less than a sure kill?

A new release from Paper Gold Publishing. I can't wait to read this one!

Grab yours here:


by Jolie St. Amant
A Kiss To Build a Dream On (That Voodoo That You Do Book 3) by Jolie St. Amant

Stuck in a loveless relationship, Chloe spends her days bored and lonely. She can’t help but wonder what her life would be like if she had lived in an enchanting city like New Orleans.

So when she’s offered a job at the Chateau Rouge Hotel, she doesn’t hesitate for a second before leaving her old life behind.

The magic and mystery of the town enthralls her, and soon sends her on an adventure leading her to former high school classmate, Jared Peterson.

Their connection is undeniable, a blooming romance inevitable. Chloe is finally experiencing the excitement of a life worth living…until her past catches up to her, threatening to ruin the happiness she has found.

Will Chloe lose her one chance at true love, or will the Chateau Rouge once again work its magic?

I loved this new release from Jolie St. Amant. You can get it for only $1.99 or read it free if you have Kindle Unlimited.


Unbound (Dawn of Deception Book 1) by A.R. Shaw

From the bestselling author of Graham's Resolution and Surrender the Sun series, A. R. Shaw brings you Dawn of Deception.

In a post-apocalyptic world, Sloane Delaney struggles to keep her daughters safe. With all her neighbors gone and her abusive second husband dead, Sloane and her daughters, Mae and Wren, maintain a dangerous charade to keep looters at bay from their neighborhood. When young Nicole shows up on their doorstep, nearly dead from dehydration and starvation as a result of her father's growing paranoia, she joins the determined group as they adjust to life without most of the luxuries they had previously taken for granted. Aided by a pack of abandoned dogs, the women are able to project an image of an occupied and active neighborhood until corrupt FEMA agents arrive on the scene, threatening their hard-won sense of security. Fleeing their now-unsafe home, Sloane and her girls head for the woods and an abandoned old house Sloane is sure will be a safe haven for at least a few days. She doesn't count on the handsome and helpful Dr. Kent having also taken refuge there. With her girls' lives on the line, can Sloane learn to trust again in this dangerous new world?

Dystopian Fiction at it's very best? Purchase your copy of this new release for only $3.99 or you can read it free with Kindle Unlimited.


Reformed party-girl Camilla Lind accepts Jared Richardson’s ring, but she won’t be pressured into setting a wedding date at Fleur de Lis. When Steven Sterling, the bane of her old life, shows up to convince her of his undying love, he’s not beneath blackmail to get her back. Camilla fears Jared will believe Steven’s lies because of her shameful past.

Jared has no time to return to Wyoming. Historical restoration contractors are in demand after the hurricane, and work takes him away from Camilla for longer stretches of time. He’s concerned—someone is sending her flowers. When Steven threatens Jared, he fights back. But he won’t marry Camilla if the only reason she sets a date is to avoid Steven.

Together they learn their love is as steadfast as the Wyoming sky is blue, and Mardi Gras is the perfect time for a wedding.

Don't miss out of this sultry 3rd book in the Fleur de Lis Brides series!

It's only sale for a limited time for only 99¢.


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