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Put Some Sizzle In Your Summer TBR List!

As the hubby and I head out on a much needed vacation, I'm loading up my Kindle with some awesome beach reads.

Whether you like, steamy, super steamy, or maybe not-quite-so-steamy...

We have some awesome recommendations for you.


Let's start things off with HEART THIEF, the upcoming lastest release from USAT Bestselling Author PJ Fiala.

He hired her to catch a thief, little did he know, she’d steal his heart.

After serving fifteen years in the Army, Sage Reynolds is used to being rootless and spending her life on the road. When she drifts into Sapphire Falls she's so deep in debt she has no choice but to take a job with an up and coming private security firm--even though the first time she meets her handsome boss she discovers he's a chauvinistic caveman.

Desperate for help, Levi hired Sage sight unseen under the assumption she was a man. Boy was he wrong. Unfortunately, he needs an experienced security expert to help stem the rash of burglaries in town, not a gorgeous woman who distracts him to no end and upends his carefully ordered life.

Now they’re forced to learn to trust each other and time is of the essence as the town’s people are becoming restless and the burglaries seem to have no end.

Don’t miss the first story in the exciting Bluegrass Security series. PJ will keep you turning pages long into the night! Heart Thief by PJ Fiala releases on August 6th!


If you want to really sizzle things up, then don't miss Surprise, Surprise from Anita Kidesu.

One woman, twin brothers, mistaken identity, why should a woman have to choose...

Identical twins Jon and Matt Sandberg have each met the woman of their dreams—Jon while signing up for a cruise; Matt at a book convention. But when they discover they've actually fallen for the same mysterious woman, neither wants to let her go. They've shared a woman before, but Reenie is more than a passing fantasy. She's so much more and could end up driving a wedge between their brotherly bond.

Registered Nurse Reenie Anatole is seeing double. At least, that's what she thinks until she realizes she's been sleeping with two men--twin hotties who have stroked her to magical heights of pleasure...separately. The situation leaves her embarrassed and infuriated until she learns their meeting was a fluke, and neither of her lovers knew. Now, she can't help but be intrigued by the thought that two men might be better than one.

You can find your copy here:


Slide into your Summer vacation state of mind with BRIDE INTERUPPETED, from Bestselling Author Taylor Anne.

A romantic suspense novel that will keep you glued to the pages from beginning to end...

Beach locale, drinks, and food? Perfect. Only a few things stand in her way… Colton, and her brides being attacked and left for dead...

With a move to Florida, Kayla plans to change things up a bit. Grandpa’s beach bar would be a fantastic place to please her demanding brides. Beach locale, drinks, and food? Perfect.

Only, a few things stand in her way… Colton, and her brides being attacked and left for dead. Colton runs Gracie’s Place and doesn’t need interference in the form of Kayla, or her plans for the future of his bar. Women aren’t high on his priority list, especially infuriating women who are trying to run him out.

Who is really attacking Kayla’s clients? Is it Colton, who would rather be left alone to stew in his tortured past? Or some other, more sinister person?

Who will win this battle of brides, bars, and hearts?

Find out here and it's on sale for only $1.99!


If you want your romance a little on the sweeter side, then check out A GUARED DECREE, the latest new release from Author Sherrie Lea Morgan.

Shannon thought she knew every contour and crevice of the Lost Trinkets box, until it slips from her fingers and crashes to the floor, revealing yet another secret. A false bottom holds an ivory pipe etched with an oddly familiar face.

Halloween, when the veil between worlds is thinnest, will be the perfect time to take off her gloves and let her psychometric gift find its rightful owner. Except the pipe is oddly silent—or shielding its secret.

Tapping reluctantly into Petrie’s Crossing gossip mill, Shannon finds a confusing tangle of old grudges, feuding families, and a graveyard that’s about to be bulldozed for an apartment complex.

If there’s one thing Shannon knows for sure, you never mess with the resting dead. But to make sense of this mystery, she’ll have to reveal a few secrets of her own…and risk losing everything she’s come to love.

It's available to read FREE if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

You'll fall in love with Shannon and the crew from THE LOST TRINKETS Series.

This a continuing series and all the books can be read as a standalone,

but why would you want to.

Check out the first book in the series, A Timed Wager here:


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Have a wonderful week!

Until next time....

Tessa and team Poised Pen Productions.

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