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PoisedPenPro Reviews 'A Winning Belief'

A WINNING BELIEF (The Lost Trinkets Series Book 11)

By: SherrieLea Morgan

My Ranking: 5-Stars

I have followed this series from the very beginning. It is truly one of my favorites.

I’ve loved following Shannon and her ghostly twin sister Steph, as they search for the descendants of each new trinket that they discover in the trinket box. Each one has a story to tell and discovering the backstory is part of the fascination. Some happy, some sad, but they all bring closure, and put the spirits of the original owners to rest.

In this book, Shannon discovers a gold coin tucked inside the trinket box. She knows it’s somehow connected to Elaine, a ghost from a nearby church that has ask her for help. Shannon senses it’s one coin of many. She also knows it’s somehow responsible for a deep running riff in Petrie’s Crossing. Can Shannon solve the mystery, and put Elaine’s spirit to rest without risking her own hard-won happiness?

This book also begins leading us up to the conclusion of the series. It also offers a few clues to how it may end. Will Shannon & Mitch have their happily-ever-after? What will happen to Steph? All of this will be revealed in book 12. Even though I hate to see the series end, I’m waiting on pins and needles for book 12 to release in early 2022. A highly recommended 5-star read!

You can download your copy here:

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