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Love is in the Air at Poised Pen Productions

Love is in the air, and my TBR list is chock full of new reads. February is one of my favorite times of the year, the weather is still cool enough to where a cup of coffee is always a good idea for reading time, the promise of springtime flowers is hovering on the horizon, and have I mentioned the abundance of chocolate on the shelves?

Valentine’s Day isn’t for everyone, believe me I get it. It can be a little over commercialized. But there is just something about the magical feeling that surrounds the holiday, and love always deserves to be celebrated. Do you have any Valentine’s Day traditions? I put some of my favorites below, and make sure you check out all the amazing new releases and sales for the month of February!

● Making homemade cards.

● Blind date with a book—starting a book exchange with a group of friends where you send your favorite romance read.

● Making a special treat box—I always like to use these for the men that are hard to shop for. Putting a selection of their favorite treats, and gift vouchers, like one breakfast in bed, or skip taking the trash out, and some of their favorite beverages.

● Dropping off Valentine’s Day cards at a local senior center to brighten their day.

No matter which way you decide to spend the month dedicated to love, just know that we here at Poised Pen Productions are always so grateful all of you drop in and check out what we are doing each month, and take a peek at our latest book recommendations, feel free to drop your own recommendations perfect for Valentine’s Day in the comments. So, in the spirit of the season…will you be our Valentine?

~Sara, Team PoisedPenPro


Our February Featured Books

Sam Kingman has thrown himself in his work after discovering his fiancé was embezzling money from his bank account.

Dr. Shannon Miles returns home to take over her grandfather's small-town medical practice after catching her fiancé in bed with her nurse.

Neither of them have any fondness for Valentine's Day, but an eccentric grandmother has other ideas and decides to play Cupid her way with a whole lot of magick tossed into one little kiss.

Don’t miss Cupid’s Magick Kiss from award-winning author Teresa Keefer.

It’ll be FREE on Valentine’s Day only! But why wait? You can get your copy now for only 99¢!!


Discover the backstory of Bertha Woods in THE BANKER'S WIFE by award-winning author Tina Susedik. Preorder now!

Can she return to being the kind-hearted, happy woman she once was? Will she ever find true love and happiness?

Travel back to Deadwood, South Dakota in 1879, and meet the characters who live and work with Bertha in this ‘unputdownable’ new addition to The Darlings of Deadwood series.


Mount Vernon Plantation, Virginia – 1802

Our love nestled in my hands. Pen and ink applied to linen pages were the only tangible

evidence remaining of the love I shared with my husband.

If you love historical fiction, then BECOMING LADY WASHINGTON is the book for you. Written by the very talent Author Betty Bolte. Follow the life, love, and times of Martha Curtin on her journey to become the first, First Lady of the United States: Martha Washington.

It’s available everywhere and on sale this month for just $1.99!


Join us on Book Talk with Tessa & Cindy for a love inspired podcast as we chat with romance authors Grace Colline, Lori Leger, and Brenda Lowder, and Jane Yunker.

Sunday, February 6th at 4pm ET.

If you’re an author and would like to be a guest on one of our upcoming podcasts, please contact us here: Contact | PoisedPenProductions


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Wishing you a romance filled month of February.

Happy reading!

Tessa & Team PoisedPenPro

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