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It’s Summertime, baby! Time to sit back and unwind with a great read.

It’s Summertime, baby! Here in Southwest Louisiana, we are gearing up for another year of hot and humid weather. Praying we do not have another hurricane season like we did last year! Two major hurricanes – back-to-back – and we are still recovering from them!

So, I am ready to focus on more positive things – flip-flops and toes in the sand - and plan as if the weather will cooperate. I want to sit in one of those blue beach chairs, listen to the ocean waves crash on the shore, sip on something amazing, and dive into the many books on my to-read list.

When not traveling to enjoy the beach, there is always my back porch! Yes, a little Sweet Southern Iced Tea, or a cool white wine punch, can always be shared with good friends here in the South. As the sun sets, and everyone leaves, a good sultry read will fit right in!

What are your summer plans? Wherever you go, whatever you do, Poised Pen Productions has the feel-good summer reads just for you!


She was accused of being a witch, but does she have magical powers?

Lillian thought she was going to Wylder, Wyoming to work at an apothecary. Instead, she discovers she’s been married off. At least the green woods around her new home contain everything she needs for her herbal medicines. Maybe her new husband will be reasonable.

If you enjoy a sultry historical western romance with a paranormal twist, then you'll love this latest release from the incredibly talented author Sherrie Lea Morgan. Download your copy of Wylder's Magic and start reading today.


“A little bit of history, a bit of romance, a bit of paranormal and time travel all wrapped up in one, and tied together masterfully!” -Reviewer

If you’re an audiobook lover, we’ve found the perfect new release for your listening pleasure.

Book one in the award-winning The Garrisons Series is now available in audio format. Written by the incredibly talented author Teresa McRae and masterfully narrated by Terry Shepherd. It’s an audiobook that you will not want to miss! *Paperback * eBook (available in #KU) * Audiobook available on all platforms* You can find it here: Amz:


For our Mystery/Thriller readers’ we have a deal for you!

“Exceptional.” “A Powerful Tale.” “Masterful storytelling.” “Plenty of Suspense”

Now you can get FOUR of the six books in the series for just 99¢ in one boxed set. Snag the deal here and see for yourself why the Ellie Foreman Mysteries are the perfect read for mystery lovers this summer. The box set is available as an eBook, and, separately, in paperback and audiobook. And, of course, it’s also available to read with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Hurry and grab this one! The sale ends on June 7th.


Be sure to share with us your Summer plans. We'd love to know,

Until next time...

Happy reading.

Debbie Ann & Team PoisedPenPro.

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