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Falling for Reading

Living in Florida, it's hard to believe that it's already FALL. It's still hot and muggy here, and will be for some time, yet.

For those of us who are ready to sit by the fire, drink hot chocolate, curl up with our favorite blanket and a wonderful read, we have some awesome new recommendations and deals just for you.

First up for you is DEFENDING ROXANNE from USAT Bestselling Author PJ Fiala.

Defending Roxanne is the second book in the SIZZLING G.H.O.S.T. Series. It can be read as a standalone, but why would you want to? The eBook releases on 10/22, and the paperback is available now!

Defending Sophie is the first book in this bestselling series.

You can find them both here: They are also available to read free if you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited.

Speaking of PJ's books... one of my all-time favorite characters is 'Jax' Masters. We were first introduced to her in DODGE: Bounty Hunters: Book 3. In Defending Roxanne, Jax and Dodge are getting married and we are all invited to their wedding shower on October 21st.

Join us in PJ's Road Queens group for a tons of fun and fabulous prizes!

Just in time for your Halloween TBR list, SALEM'S EMBRACE by Sherrie Lea Morgan is on sale for only 99¢! It's free to read in KU. Find your copy here.

When magic and destiny collide, the result is perfectly wicked...

Ten years after she fled Salem, Massachusetts in humiliation, a deep sense of foreboding sends Meghan rushing home, where she can’t decide if the protective man hovering at her grandmother’s side is blessing or curse. When Eathen investigates who’s lurking inside Earth’s Embrace herbal shop, he doesn’t expect to find a beautiful woman with moonlight dancing in her midnight hair. Their attraction threatens to melt Meghan’s resolve to return to Atlanta. But when tragedy strikes and a fledgling witch is in danger, Meghan must confront the past—and show everyone who doubted her just how powerful she has become.

Another great read for your Halloween reading pleasure is the newly released debut novel from Courtney Kirkpatrick, The Witch Of Elements.

There was a legend that foretold of a girl… and once she reached a certain age, she would discover she was no ordinary girl, but a witch with unknown powers.

Can she learn to control these powers and save her world? Or will these new powers destroy her?

1-Click your copy and start reading today!

Are you ready for a book that will keep you in 'stitches'? Then check out SHE'S A KEEPER! Cockamamie Memoirs from a Hot Southern Mess by Humorist & Author Lee St. John.

Hold on to your pantyhose. It’s going to get rough.

My name is Lee St. John. I’m an unapologetic rogue Southern Belle. A high-jinx expert and mayhem confessor.

With all the cotillion classes and etiquette lessons, I was taught manners and how to behave. But all those years of learning and acting with utmost decorum won’t stop me from saying what needs to be said.

Buy today to hear what I have to say about former Presidents, the Mafia, famous people—dead and alive—as well as my own friends and family!

"Lee St. John is a natural born storyteller with loads of style, humor and down home Southern Belle charm. And honey child, does she have stories to tell!" - David Henry Sterry, bestselling author of Chicken: Self-Portrait of a Young Man for Rent

If you're ready for a little holiday spirit, be sure to check out these upcoming Christmas boxsets from award-winning and bestselling authors.

Christmas Treasures Through time and space, Christmas remains a time for love, laughter and family. It may be the family we make, the one we were born into, or the one we hope to find. These Christmas stories are all about Christmas, in the future, the past or now. Come with us, let’s celebrate the holiday season.

Coming November 6th – Preorder your copy today for only 99¢!!

Angela Gray - An Unexpected Christmas Award Winning Author C. Forrest Lundin - Christmas Changes E.M. Denning - Snow Angel Award Winning Author Holly Barbo - A Magic Yule Jess Mountifield - Santa’s Little Space Pirate Maxine Murphy - The Best Christmas He’ll Never Remember Best Selling Author Julie Elizabeth Powell - Yule Spirits Marc Sanderson - Christmas Eve S.P. West - Kickstart My Heart Sean Gallatin – Best Selling, Award Winning Author Cherime MacFarlane - The Perfect Present Suzy Stewart Dubot - The Christmas Ball

Betrayal, Lies, Danger and Deception! Will Chandler County ever be the same? A Season of Suspense: A Chandler County Christmas Preorder your copy today for only 99¢!!

Six inspirational, romantic suspense stories about love in the midst of danger, duplicity and a desperate race to outrun the worst winter storm in Chandler County in 15 years.

As Chandler County Christmas festivities loom, so does a storm of epic proportions. It threatens the safety of its residents and visitors alike as they wrestle with emotional, spiritual and psychological dangers that could jeopardize true love, marriage and both new and old relationships.

Can the power of love overcome the biggest of life’s storms?

Who doesn't love a giveaway?

To celebrate the upcoming release of the first book in her new Liberty Crossroads Romance Series, bestselling author Sherri Hayes has one going on.

Find out how you can enter here:

Click now to preorder your copy of SEDUCING JANEY: htts://

Seducing Janey (Liberty Crossroads Romance Book 1)

Can he keep his hands off her long enough to catch a killer?

Detective Janey Davis is trying to find a killer. When another body turns up outside the small town of Liberty, Indiana, she’s sent to investigate. Nothing prepares her for what she finds there...and it has nothing to do with the case she’s working on. It’s the deputy who’s been assigned to tag along on her investigation.

Kyle Reed has been a sheriff’s deputy since returning from the Army ten years ago. He loves his job and the small town of Liberty, which is why he’s determined to help Detective Davis find out who murdered a man and dumped his body on the side of a country road. What he wasn’t prepared for was the undeniable chemistry between them.

After convincing her to attend a get-together with him at a friend’s farm, Kyle and Janey give in to their passion. The problem is, he doesn’t want just one night. Can he convince her to give a relationship between them a chance?

A big shout-out to one of our favorite authors, CiCi Cordelia.

The Substitute Wife (Brides of Little Creede Book 1) is a 2019 RONE AWARDS WINNER!!

Catch-up with the award-winning Brides of Little Creede series today! 🌷 #historical #western #steamy #romance #saga 🌷 All 3 books are FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited!

The Substitute Wife (Brides of Little Creede Book 1)

HARRISON . . . Once his fortune in silver mining is secured, Harrison Carter finally sends back home for his fiancée. It’s been four years since he’s seen Jenny.

But it’s Retta Pierce, Jenny’s sister, who arrives by stagecoach with young daughter Adeline in tow. When this lovely, soiled dove brings devastating news and a written plea from Jenny to marry and care for Retta and little Addie, what’s a good man to do?

RETTA . . . Fulfilling her dying sister’s request, Retta travels across dangerous territory to marry a man she barely remembers. But the hard miner who meets her at the stagecoach surely isn’t the same one her sister claimed was kind and honorable, a gentleman who’ll embrace her and her daughter as if they were his own. Has she made a mistake she’ll pay for, the rest of her life?

TWO PEOPLE . . . Thrown together in shared sorrow, Harrison and Retta struggle to forge a life in the brand-new state of late-nineteenth-century Colorado.

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We NEVER charge for reviews and never tell you WHAT you must read. You always have the choice to pick and choose the books in the genre(s) that you LOVE.

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