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Everything is Coming up Books!

“It’s May, It’s May, the lovely month of May.” Remember this lyric from the movie Camelot? I loved the film and the song.

I love the month of May. April showers have ushered in the wonder of May flowers. The various colors creating a fresh new world of beauty.

Now is the time to take a break. Go to your favorite park, outdoor space, or reading place, and crack open a book, either an old one or something new. Enjoy the beauty of nature and the wonder of a reader’s words and thoughts.

Spend a few hours delving into the magical world of a fictional story or an interesting non-fiction. This is the perfect time to check out the colorful array of books we have to offer this month. See if something grabs your eye. I’m sure it will.

-Terry, Poised Pen Productions


For your Springtime Reading Pleasure!

NO DARKER PLACE by Debra Webb ($2.99)

In the mood for a thriller with some unexpected twists and turns? I always love Debra’s novels because she can craft a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Make sure you check this one out while it’s on sale!

On a blistering summer day Detective Bobbie Gentry’s world turns upside down when she has another run in with the serial killer obsessed with her. Joining forces with Nick Shade proves to be more than she bargained for. Will they capture the Storyteller before it’s too late? Find out in No Darker Place, the second novel in the Shades of Death series by beloved psychological thriller author Debra Webb.

The Trapped Ones by Stacy Green (New Release)

It’s finally here! I have been waiting for the release of this one pretty much since I finished the last book in the series the day it came out. Nikki Hunt is always one of my favorite heroines. Check out this new release perfect for that mystery/thriller fan in your life.

The murders have all the hallmarks of a serial killer: all the evidence suggests the murderer was watching them, turned the security cameras off as they entered and fled the scene from the front door. But then Jessica’s friends tell Nikki she was uncomfortable around Bryce, and when two of Bryce’s friends go missing along Stillwater River, and the girlfriend is found, she claims her boyfriend tried to kill her.

Are Bryce and his friends hiding a dark side? Nikki knows she must dig deeper to find out their secrets, but can she uncover the truth before the killer takes another life? Available everywhere!

MI Surrender by Jacki Delecki will be 99 cents from May 2nd to May 15th.

This book is part of a thrilling military romance series, and I have enjoyed each book I have read so far in it. Make sure to get your hands on this one while it’s at a fantastic price.

The friends-lovers trope has never been hotter than in Mission: Impossible to Surrender, the second book in beloved author Jacki Delecki’s military romance series. If they survive the danger surrounding them, they might get a second chance at love…Join Finn and Sophie on a thrilling adventure. Now on sale for only 99 cents wherever eBooks are sold.

Deadly Vision by Teresa Keefer (New Release)

We have another new release topping our May TBR lists, and I have been wanting to read this one ever since I spotted the cover. I love a good small-town mystery and this one sounds

Sometimes, sleepy little college towns had secrets that once uncovered could destroy the very foundations from which they were built. This town’s secrets were deadly. Uncover the mystery when you preorder Teresa Keefer’s spine-tingling new novel. Deadly Vision is sure to keep you reading until the wee hours of the morning. Available Everywhere!

Photograph of Love by Tina Susedik (99c)

It’s no secret I am a huge fan of this author, I remember reading this one when it came out, it’s still on my re-read list every time I am in a book slump. One-click a copy while it’s on sale! Trust me you won’t regret it. Her vivid description of the Texas countryside is spot-on. Grab your copy for only 99¢! It’s also available in Kindle Unlimited.

After his parents die, Lincoln Phister must leave college behind and his dreams of becoming a photojournalist. He spends the next ten years raising his three younger siblings and working the family ranch. Now he is frustrated with his job, cattle rustlers, and lack of a love life.

A chance encounter with a rattlesnake brings them together. Lincoln’s anger nearly drives them apart. Can Trudy convince him to follow his dream while finding their own photograph of love?

A Fragile Bridge - Book Nine of The Lost Trinkets Series by Sherrie Lea Morgan (99c)

This series just keeps getting better and better, I can’t believe we are almost at the last book. That means it’s a great time to catch up if you haven’t already! Book nine in this endearing cozy mystery series is on sale for a limited time!

A heart that waited. Another that didn’t. Can Shannon heal their past?

A new case, a return of a past foe, and planning a wedding... all the while taking part in the small-town shenanigans, psychic Shannon Price certainly has her hands full in A Fragile Bridge, the ninth novel in the cozy mystery series Lost Trinkets By Sherrie Lea Morgan - Kindle Unlimited

Amy’s Choice by Betty Bolte ($1.99)

Spring time is here and for some reason I always crave historical reads at this time of year! Betty Bolte is one of my tried and true historical romance authors, and I really enjoyed everything about this read. Dive into the More Perfect Union with this page-turner.

Amy Abernathy can’t forgive nor forget handsome Major Benjamin Hanson for leaving without a word of goodbye to fight in the American War for Independence until he risks life and limb to save her from desperate and deadly renegade soldiers.

Fighting for independence one brave, devoted woman at a time.

Hope Harbor in Kindle Unlimited

There is just something about a good anthology, am I right? With a myriad of tropes and time periods, this anthology literally has something for everyone. And it’s available on Kindle Unlimited! How great is that? Get those one-click fingers ready!

A ring, a lighthouse, a pirate.

Lives intertwined through generations.

From historical fiction, to paranormal, to contemporary, six authors come together with six short stories to benefit Operation Underground Railroad, an organization to rescue stolen and exploited children. From award-winning authors to debut authors, these stories will give you promise for the future. Come along for the journey to Hope Harbor.


There’s lots in store for the upcoming months and we here at Poised Pen Productions cannot wait to share all the fun things on the horizon leading into the languid days of summer. Our staff hopes that this month brings you more flowers than spring showers and many hours spent with a good read!

Until next time, happy reading!

Tessa & Team PoisedPenPro


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