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Emily Garrison is here!

It’s been a busy week already over at Poised Pen Productions.

But we wanted to take a minute and let you know that the much anticipated, and long-awaited book three of the award-winning The Garrisons Series has hit eReaders and booksellers today!

A little bit about the book…

Emily Garrison: The Garrisons Book # 3 by Teresa McRae

Emily always said, “I was born in the midst of a storm, and the tempest has never stopped raging.”

Emily Garrison came into the world with what her mother called “gifts”. From an early age Emily could communicate with people's minds, particularly her family, as well as give and receive visions.

Mamie, her mother, will tell us Emily’s story, the good and the bad, while filling us in on the lives of the Garrisons during reconstruction and the early Jim Crow years. It seems Mamie Garrison still has much to tell us.

You really don’t want to miss this one! You can find it here:

Be sure to grab your copies of Mamie Garrison and Colin Garrison while your there.


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